The most sought-after business content programs in the floral industry.

The Florist Bootcamp program is not static. It changes to reflect the challenges and issues most relevant to florists at the time and reflects Rick's ongoing experimentation and learning. Learn about current and past programs here.


Marketing to the Affluent

America's affluent are the ideal customers for all florists. However, they are not easy to target with conventional selling tactics and strategies - it takes innovative marketing skills to succeed in reaching them and turning them into loyal customers. 

In this seminar Rick will show you how to:

  • look at your demographics, find the affluent customers and identify their buying habits
  • understand the difference between advertising and marketing
  • create a campaign targeting the affluent that will increase your sales and profits
  • build relationships for life
  • and much more!


Extreme Flower Shop Makeover

Is it time to give your business a makeover? In the current economy, marketing will play a great role in the survival of the retail florist as we know it, and those who invest time working on their business, not just in their business, will succeed. 

In this seminar, Rick and his team will provide insights on how to analyze your flower shop and put it on the path for continued success in years to come.

You will learn:

  • the projected buying habits of customers - who has money and why do they spend it? 
  • how to make the wire services work for you to drive business growth and profits
  • what your shop numbers really say about your business an how to adjust them to maximize profit
  • how to best utilize a point of sale system
  • and much more!


Don't Be Afraid of Sales!

Selling is one of the least popular but most important aspects of success in the flower business. Rick will help you get better, more comfortable and more profitable.


Be A Facebook Stalker – And Build Bigger Corporate Sales

Rick will show you how you can use Facebook and other social media channels to get more corporate sales. Also includes great offline "old school" marketing techniques.